29 January 1997  


    My Career And Life Vision

To shine in every role I undertake through excellence and by carrying my team along with me in the journey to success.


To touch the lives of those who are in need of guidance, support, motivation or just a friendly helping hand.


To obtain financial freedom as a symbol of success and achieve it through ethical means.

   My Career Preferences

Current Focus



Social Media Management

Digital Marketing

Article Writing

Creative Design

-I have an interest in graphic design. I love the idea of being able to create to convey. With the right training, tools, and guidance, I am sure I will excel in this

Long Term Desire


Have own branding, marketing and advertising agency



Have own sports footwear and apparel brand




   My Achievements and Interests

Engineering Education

Please see Annexure I

Beyond Text Books

Please see Annexure II


Rendezvous With MBA

Please see Annexure III


Additional Certificates




FBC Diploma

(The Football Business Academy, Switzerland)

Basics of Canva Design


Social Media Management (Udemy)

Graphic Design Theory



    Assessment Report By Red Bull Global:

                Please see One Page Assessment Report of my strengths at        


   My Personal Traits

Cool, uncluttered thinking ability

A natural leader and motivator

Am a versatile writer, predominantly on sports

Computer and Internet savvy

Social Media savvy

Can play a range of musical instruments

Flair for languages. Know English, Hindi and Telugu. Understand a bit of  Malayalam,Tamil and Kannada

Sociable, good conversationalist but avoid frivolous talk

   My Education

1.     Completed BTech in Mechanical Engineering (specialized in Automobile Engineering) from Jain University, Bengaluru, India. Graduated in June 2018. 

2.     Completed MBA with distinction (majoring in Sports Management) in June 2020.The Programme was conducted jointly by Jain University, Bengaluru, India and MBA-ESG, Paris.

My Work Experience

Though I do not have formal, paid work experience in an organization, I have been writing and publishing articles for the past five years in my own blog, . I believe they match professional standards.

Internship at Sportz Village, specifically Sportz Village Schools and Sportz Village Foundation. Worked in Marketing, with a focus on Digital Marketing. Responsibilities included finding out ways to better communicate on various social media platforms and ways to generate leads on LinkedIn. Another project was to come up with a structure for an interview/one on one talk show series for the media wing of Sportz Village Foundation.

My Web Presence

(I write my articles mainly on sports)


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