Success Stories During My Engineering Education



1.          PATH FINDER ROBOT: Created the Robot by soldering of the circuit, assembly of all components and programming of the Robot. The project was part of a Program on Robotics at TECHNOSIA 2015 conducted by Sparklab Engineering along with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.


2.          WINSTINCT - an innovative multi-functional agricultural machine: Concept, Design, Manufacture and Techno Feasibility of a machine capable of weeding and sowing using mechanical power -something like a heavy-duty lawn mower. The machine is capable of performing farming operations more efficiently and effectively compared to manual labor/cattle. This makes it very economical for small and medium sized farmers. A detailed techno feasibility analysis of WINSTINCT was presented it at INVENTECH 2016 to a panel of investors, technology experts and businessmen. INVENTECH 2016 had over 150 multi-disciplinary teams from all over India. I captained the team and made it to the finals and missed out being the Winner Status by one position.


3.          SKATE BIKE: Concept and design of a single wheeled bike along with a team of faculty and a classmate. Patent granted.


4.          EXHAUST MANIFOLD STUDY: Study, analysis and working on several parameters of design on Exhaust Manifold to achieve higher operating efficiency and increased power output. It involves modification of the design and selection of best suited materials.


5.          HYPEREUTECTICS: A deep study and testing of the Machinability of Hypereutectic Aluminium Cast alloys using modifiers and refiners. Performed various machinability tests on them. Published a Paper in International Journal for Scientific Research and Development.


6.          MANUFACTURING PROCESSES: Actively involved in writing and publishing a Text/Reference Book on the subject of Manufacturing Processes.


7.          SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS: Presented a Paper on Shape Memory Alloys at a National Conference On Current Trends In Materials and Manufacturing Systems (CTMMS-17). The Paper has been selected in the first round of screening by the CTMMS. The Paper has been accepted for publication in STM National Journal, India.


8.          SELF LUBRICATING BEARINGS AND CHAINS: Presently working on Self Lubricating Bearings and Chains. Involves study of their design, test and simulation to find newer applications. We plan to have it published in an international journal.


To view my certificates http://www.arjunsridhar.com/certificates1.htm



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