Rendezvous with MBA


The MBA programme is jointly conducted by Jain University, Bengaluru, India and MBA-ESG, Paris.


My first year in the two year MBA programme was mainly to absorb basics of business and management concepts. All functions that are pillars of any organization were covered. At the end of the first year, me and a team of my classmates went to Paris on a two week Study Tour.


Covered during the Study Tour to Paris:


Visits to Stade de France, PSG, Parc des Princes, Velodrome St Quentin, DMX track, Insep, U-Arena, Le tremplin and La salle de Sport.


Lectures by industry professionals were held. Speakers were top professionals from companies like Lagardere Sports & Entertainment, PSG, DMX track, Lacoste, LFP(French Soccer League), L’union, Bein Sport, Sport & co, Sport24.com, and Willie Beamen.

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Projects Handled So Far:


1.      Organization Study of Lacoste - Analyzed the global structure of this giant in sportwear. (View Project)

2.      OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS Football Academy - Prepared a business proposal to set up a Football Academy in Bengaluru, India on behalf of OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS. Report was sent to the President and Head of International Relations of OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS Football Club. (View Project)

3.      Consumer Behaviour Survey at NIKE, Bengaluru, India.

4.      Carried out a short survey to compare consumer behavior preferences between online and offline purchases for sports goods. (View Project)

5.      Interned as part of the Corporate Sales team for Indian Super League club Bengaluru Football Club.

6.   Volunteered for NGO Parikrama Foundation at their annual Sports Day event.

7.   Report on how India can look at the NBA as a model to promote Basketball in the country. (View Project)

8.   Brief market analysis to show why International Motorsport (especially F1 and MotoGP) should enter the Indian market. (View Project)

9.   Conducted a mock product launch for a new product (an energy drink-NIKE FUEL). (View Project)

10. Conducted a mock product launch for a new sports app that focuses on sports healthcare and nutrition (called SportzAid). (View Project)

11. Conducted a mock product launch for a new 5-a-side cricket arena/facility (called Gully) to be opened in Bengaluru. (View Project)

12. Worked on and assisted in presentation introducing the Indian sport of Kabaddi to MBA Sports Management students from Lebanon in Paris, France.

13. Study the layout and visual merchandising of a Puma store in Bengaluru.

14. Attended the semifinals and the finals of the ATP Bengaluru Open 2018  and a boxing tournament conducted by Cult Fitness to study the events from an organization and fan engagement perspective. (View Project)

15. Project revolving around coming up with a sports brand of my own and present the same with focus on the e-commerce platform, marketing, products, positioning and brand management. (View Project)

16. Raised funds for NGO Parikrama Foundation for their annual international football tournament, the Parikrama Champions League.

17. Attended a 2-day certificate program conducted by The Football Business Academy, Switzerland, in Mumbai. The program concentrated on Sports Law, Player-Agent-Club-Brand relations, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand Management and Sponsorship. The topics were delivered by some of the best in the football industry like Dr. Erkut Sogut LL.M. (agent of Mesut Ozil), Daniel Geey (key sports lawyer in the Glazers takeover of Manchester United), Alfonso Roberes (head of sponsorship and marketing at Real Madrid from 2002-2016), Steven Falk (head of sponsorship and marketing at Manchester United from 2001-2009 and consultant for Chelsea from 2009-2012), and Matthieu Maignal (current head of sponsorship and marketing at Paris St-Germain). (View Certificate)

18. Handled a large number of case studies as part of regular curriculum.


Still continuing the exciting journey in the world of sports management.


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